Games vs Gambling: What Is the Choice of Players?

Games vs Gambling

Computer games are getting more and more recognition over time. The multitude of their supporters is recharged with new members consistently, and e-sports gathers betting and real games. Are PC games are a good time spending for schoolchildren? Actually, not really, the normal age of the players is continually expanding.

Online casinos are supplanting customary gambling clubs and, as far as mobility and availability, they can give chances even to e-sports. Online casinos are not less advantageous than PC games, yet they possess one substantial benefit – betting. Check out some gambling websites like Cookie Casino and you will face many titles with enormous awards at stake. Most conventional video games are devoid of such a possibility, and for many players, this is a serious incentive to keep playing. Agree that a cash reward is much more pleasant and weighty than a foggy virtual cup.

What Makes Video Games So Popular? 

Video Games

First of all, this is accessibility and diversity. Football fans can create virtual teams, racing fans can ride in luxury cars, and those who like battles can try their skills in shooters. The question naturally arises – will computer games replace gambling, or will it have its own niche and its own audience? To answer this question, it is worth remembering what exactly attracts players to gambling. 

  • Of course, this is excitement and an opportunity to hit a big jackpot. The stories of professional gamblers seduce us with tempting promises of big jackpots. 
  • However, most of the players are ordinary people in search of entertainment. 
  • They are looking for opportunities to brighten up boring everyday life, and maybe win a couple of hundred dollars. 
  • Do not forget that for a full-fledged game in a real casino you need to spend a lot of effort, and sometimes money: getting to the city with gambling houses, renting a hotel room, and so on. 

In this sense, esports is much more affordable – all you need is a computer or laptop. If we talk about the rivalry between gambling and e-sports, most likely, over time, they will simply occupy separate niches. Each of these areas is completely self-sufficient and has its own fans and adherents. And, despite the fact that both gambling and esports are concentrated in the online sphere, they should not be considered real rivals. Esports may well coexist peacefully with online gambling because each of these areas is interesting and exciting in its own way.

In addition, eSports can also bring a competitive spirit. From 2000 to 2013, there was even a World Cyber ​​Games competition. This largest esports championship was built on the principle of the Olympic Games, only instead of various sports, computer games were presented there. The winners received gold medals. On the other hand, despite the fact that esports is technically one step ahead of gambling and traditional sports, they are in no hurry to give up their positions.

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