Factors To Consider When Betting On Tennis

Betting On Tennis

There are several factors to consider when approaching tennis betting. Let’s look at them in detail:


Less important than fifteen years ago because the surfaces have changed (especially the cut of the grass), the discussion of the surface should always be kept in mind. On many tennis statistics sites it is possible to break down each player’s record by individual surface, always bearing in mind that the further you go in your career the more you improve on the harder surfaces. In other words, the old champion is proportionally more unpredictable.

Moment of form

Every sport, including tennis, is played in the present, so it is absurd to draw conclusions from past records. It is better to follow the evolution of each player’s season, regardless of the past. Not because a victory must necessarily be followed by a win, on the contrary, but because performances can be the result of particular and repeatable situations (e.g. opponents with the same characteristics, which is easy to find in today’s tennis). 


The head-to-head between two players can only be significant with relatively recent direct comparisons and with a not too different status. A defeat taken as a junior against a 25-year-old champion counts for nothing, except for statistics. Certain players undoubtedly suffer from certain others, in particular many right-handers suffer from left-handers beyond technical differences.

Tennis Betting Method

The only real way to bet on tennis is to identify the so-called value odds, i.e. those in which the bookmaker pays more for a tennis player’s victory (or a set, a game, etc.) than if the tennis players on the court were anonymous. Once you have identified the value odds, you have to play them systematically.

But how do you identify value odds? Is it really that easy? Usually the most famous tennis players, the ones who are known outside of the fan world, have lower odds than they deserve, and therefore the advantage in large numbers is to bet on their opponents systematically. In order to identify valuable odds, competence is fundamental, and this can only be done in matches between two tennis players who are followed in detail and whose real state of form is known.

This does not mean that the bettor is more intelligent than the oddsmaker, but only that the odds on the big names must take into account the mechanism of the allibraggio, that is, the quota that goes down (or rises) as a function of the increase (or decrease) of the amount of bets on it. In short, finding valuable odds is a matter for experts, or at least well-informed ones. And money can be made on great tennis players, but in a counter-intuitive way.

How to select matches

The first strategy is to select matches. Those matches of a tournament or a day on which you have a well-founded opinion (regardless of whether you win or not) are the minority, very few indeed. It is absurd to play for the sake of playing, as if it were an obligation to be present on the betting field every day. 

Follow a small number of players

The second strategy for betting on tennis is to follow a small number of players. The matches are long, it is not humanly possible even for a professional bettor to follow in detail the careers of more than a dozen players, even if you can have an opinion about at least 200. Often just a few games are enough to understand the moment of ‘our’ player, not five hours of play are necessary.

Focus on smaller tournaments

The third strategy, among those commonly adopted in tennis, is to focus on the smaller tournaments. You don’t live on Slams alone, but also on Masters 1000s and above all 500s and 250s, even if the real paradise for tennis bettors are Challengers and Futures. The lower the level of the tournament, the more the odds are wrong and the matches at the mercy of competent bettors.

Studying statistics

The fourth strategy is to study the statistics, obviously giving more weight to the most recent head-to-head matches or the surface on which the next one will be played. The past is the past, but in tennis there are very precise trends, not only in terms of opponents but also in terms of surfaces, playing times and the characteristics of opponents (left-handed yes or no, resilient yes or no, unpredictable yes or no).

  • Tennis Betting Rules – Withdrawal
  • Walkover tennis betting – pre-match
  • If the athlete decides not to take the court shortly before the match, then the bet placed will be refunded.
  • Walkover tennis betting – during the match

If, on the other hand, a tennis player withdraws during the match, then bets accepted on that player will inevitably be considered as losing.

Slightly different is the application when playing on “Set Betting” Live: If a tennis player retires during the match, bets accepted on set betting will be refunded.

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