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Tennis betting

What are the tennis tournaments to bet on? The men’s and women’s professional circuits are largely independent of each other, but above all they follow different logics and schedules. In order to see which tennis tournaments to bet on for tennis betting* we obviously start at the highest level, the so-called Slams. There are 4 tournaments, which are played every year: the Australian Open in Melbourne in the second half of January, Roland Garros in Paris between the end of May and the beginning of June, Wimbledon in London in the first half of July and the U.S. Open in New York between the end of August and the beginning of September.

In the Slam tournaments, which, if won all together in the same year, would make the Grand Slam, the men’s and women’s matches are played at the same time. Otherwise the activity is quite distinct, except for a few tournaments, such as Indian Wells and Miami. The second level of men’s tennis is the so-called Masters 1000, 9 important tournaments, but not as important as the Slams: Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo, Madrid, Rome, Montreal, Cincinnati, Shanghai and Paris.

At the third level are the ATP World Tour 500s, at the fourth level the ATP 250s. At the fifth level are the so-called Challenger tournaments, again managed by the ATP (the professional tennis association). At the sixth level, the international federation enters the scene, which also puts its stamp on the Slams: at the lowest level are the ITF circuit tournaments, usually attended by young people.

The second level of women’s tennis are the WTA Premier Mandatory tournaments, the equivalent of the men’s Masters 1000 (in the women’s case, however, there are only four: Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid and Beijing), then come the WTA Premier 5, the WTA Premier, the WTA International, the WTA 125, which could be compared to the men’s Challengers, and then the smaller ITF tournaments.

Complete Australian Open guide

The Australian Open is played in Melbourne, Australia, and is the first of the Slam tournaments to be played in the season, being historically placed in January, and is also the least noble. This is also because until 1988, with the switch from grass to cement, it was often deserted by the greats of tennis, unless they were Australian: in this sense the roll of honour does not lie. What is certain is that over the years it has become more and more important, even for tennis betting fans*, and that in the end its only problem remained that it was very chronologically detached from Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open, coming at a time of the season when not everyone is at their best.

Australian Open Climate

The tournament takes place in the middle of the Australian summer, which runs from December to February, in often stifling heat. The climate factor is therefore decisive in evaluating one’s bets: those who have a wasteful game rarely make much headway, apart from phenomena such as Djokovic and Nadal, and the climate factor is combined with that of the calendar and programming, often the subject of controversy. It is clear that playing one or more matches in the evening session is essential to arrive at the end with good energy. Usually, the organisers tend to preserve famous names, but even in this case some (often Federer) are more preserved than others.

Main Types Of Bets On The Australian Open

These are the available odds:

  • Men’s singles winning odds
  • Women’s singles winning odds

Australian Open Betting Tips

Betting on singles matches is always linked in some way to the observation of previous matches played during the tournament, but this applies even more so at the Australian Open. It’s hard for a normal tennis player to be at his best two days after a marathon in the sun. As far as antepost bets are concerned, the same considerations apply to men’s and women’s tennis. In the first case, the values are consolidated, and can only be affected by the decline of the greats, which will happen sooner or later. In the second, Serena Williams is the most important player, but she is still in a mysterious condition: with her out of form many players can win. The advice is therefore, especially among women, to take some risks.

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