5 common beginner mistakes in Baccarat and how to avoid them

beginner mistakes in Baccarat

1. Not knowing the rules well enough

Make sure you know the rules inside out before betting real money. The rules themselves are not difficult and we have prepared a guide for you.

Together with the glossary, you’ll be well prepared for Baccarat. Of course, the best way to get a feel for the game is to play it. To that end, you can play baccarat for free until you’re ready – many online casinos give you the chance to try out their games for free, even without signing up.

2. Not knowing the house advantage and probabilities of the betting variants

Baccarat has three different bets – betting on the banker, on the player, or on a draw. Uncertainty can lead beginners to bet on a draw, but once you know the house advantage and the probability of each bet, you will see things differently. The house edge is generally as follows:

  • Bank: 1.06 %
  • Player: 1.24
  • Tie: 14.36
  • The probabilities for a win look like this:
  • Banker: 45.85 %
  • Players: 44.62
  • Tie: 9.53

Because the probability of the banker winning is so high, bets on the banker are subject to a 5% commission. This means that you have to pay 5% of your bet to the casino.

However, it is best to avoid bets without commission, as they usually pay out unfavourably for you to make up for the lack of commission.

3. Betting on a tie frequently

The house edge on a tie bet is 14.36% – in a casino game with the lowest house edges ever! In addition, the probability of Tie is also very low – it is only 9.53%. Nevertheless, players bet on a draw again and again, because you don’t lose a complete stake. But it really makes no sense.

4. Exceeding your budget

Many players start to do damage limitation when they bet on Tie, because then the loss is not so high. It is much better to set a fixed budget from the beginning. Set how much you want to win and/or can lose, and stop gambling as soon as that limit is reached.

This is not only better for your wallet, it is also a responsible way to gamble that will help you avoid gambling addiction and the problems that come with it.

5. Not using bonuses to gamble

Finding bonuses that are only usable for baccarat is very difficult. However, there are bonuses for table games and live casinos. With bonuses, you can extend your play and win real money with the help of a gift from the casino. Whether it’s a cash bonus or entry into a tournament, you should take every opportunity to get something extra out of your play. Why not?

We have a list of casinos that offer live casino bonuses. If you want to play Baccarat against the computer, you can use your casino’s welcome bonus or a deposit bonus as part of a promotion for Baccarat. See our list of the best casinos with regular offers or visit our online casino toplist to compare welcome offers quickly and easily.


These tips are easy to follow, and when you read them, as a savvy gambler you may think that some of it goes without saying. But for beginners, just one or even several of these mistakes are quite possible and can go very wrong. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to counteract them and enjoy baccarat worry-free.

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